zFlex LDAP Browser

Most Useful Features for Day-To-Day LDAP Browsing

zFlex LDAP Browser

zFlex LDAP Browser provides support of LDAPv2 and LDAPv3 protocol.  It works with OpenLdap and IBM Directory Server and many other LDAP servers.

LDAP Browser

zFlex LDAP Browser lets you browse and view data from multiple servers at once.  This allows the ability to easily see the difference of users in one directory verses another.  Also you can inspect various Objects and Attributes for comparison.



The Schema is important.  Simple, the building blocks for your LDAP server.  zFlex LDAP Browser gives a quick and easy view of the schema Objects, Attributes, Syntax and Matching Rules.

Use Schema Tab:

Schema Viewing

For the release, the code base has been reworked.  Separating out some code and gui/graphic sections.  Idea is to make the code more easy to manage and also come cleanup to help the efficiency of the modules.  This helps the performance overall.


How Useful is our LDAP Browser?

Ready for zFlex Integrator?

About zFlex Integrator

The zFlex Integrator is our flag ship product designed for administrators and analyst whom are responsible for the IBM Tivoli Directory Server (TDS) Product.

zFlex Integrator provide technicians with the all in one tool to do Administration, Monitoring and Management of their TDS environment. 

zFlex will run on Windows or Linux based platforms given its core development is JAVA.

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