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Best LDAP Management and Monitoring Features for Day-To-Day Usage

TDS/SDS LDAP Administration

Use zFlex Integrator for TDS/SDS administration via the LDAP protocol.  View TDS/SDS user profiles, create new user accounts, delete user accounts (uid),  check user membership (groups/roles), Add/Remove users from Groups, Set Users' Passwords quickly and much more.....

Schema and LDAP System Management

Management of the TDS/SDS (IBM LDAP) can easily be done using zFlex Integrator.  View LDAP Schema Attributes, Objectclasses and Syntax.  Dynamically Add NEW Organizational Units, Add NEW Attributes, Add NEW Objectclasses and Delete old Attributes and Objectclasses and much more....

RealTime TDS/SDS Monitoring

Monitor in Realtime your Tivoli or Security Directory Server from Easy To Read charts of the Total Client Connections, Total Binds, Operations Rate per inteval, Backend "Worker Threads" and more......

zFlex Integrator for TDS/SDS

There has been some very useful updates made regarding LDIF files.  We have added the ability to EXPORT and IMPORT data from the TDS/SDS LDAP server.  The Export will create an ldif file on your local PC.  Then the IMPORT is to be used if you need to load/create an update to another TDS/SDS server.  The data can be updated or changed before importing to other systems.

Also, a fix has been put in to "recreate" the Database Table if not found or deleted by accident.  This is helpful to avoid having to redownload and install again if the Derby is lost.

Bug fix for the Online Performance Option.  The "X" icon to delete/remove the tab from the panel was not working.  This has been corrected and now working as expected.

Added the ability to ADD and REMOVE new Profile to the Database.
Added the SSL components to pull certificates from the LDAP server and store in local truststore.

Fixed errors on timestamps for saving performance data.

Major change over from using file based database to using JAVA Derby Database.  This makes moving the data and storing and sorting simplier and more standard.  Plays well with JAVA and SQL management also.  Great for future expansion of functions.

Added historical collection tables - for LDAP Client Connections and Operations Rate.  These and other metrics are being charted in REaLTime, but not save.  We are starting to save the most important metrix now.

For the release, the code base has been reworked.  Separating out some code and gui/graphic sections.  Idea is to make the code more easy to manage and also come cleanup to help the efficiency of the modules.  This helps the performance overall.

This is the initial released version of zFlex Integrator for TDS

  • Quick Profie Display for Users
  • Quick Search/Find Button option quickly pull data from TDS/SDS
  • Easy Password Reset (for UserPassword Attribute) for Users
  • Add New User to Directory Server
  • Delete Users from Directory Server
  • Create Groups and Memberships
  • Remove and Add Memberships in Bulkload Fashion
  • LDAP Monitor for Backend Charting of Searches, Connections, Operation Rates
  • View Realtime Client Connections (with IP Insight)

* Administration Panel - This is the central panel for Adding users, Deleting users and Creating New Groups and Adding Users to those Groups.

* Schema - zFlex allows you to view the LDAP Attributes and OBjectclasses available.

* Monitoring - The Best Feature of the product.  View REALTIME statistics for Client Connections, Worker Threads of the BACKEND, Wait times, and Deadlocks.  This along with the Bind counts and Entry Cache.  Great to capture a view of peak workload and spikes.

zFlex Integrator for TDS/SDS

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About zFlex Integrator

The zFlex Integrator is our flag ship product designed for administrators and analyst whom are responsible for the IBM Tivoli Directory Server (TDS) Product.

zFlex Integrator provide technicians with the all in one tool to do Administration, Monitoring and Management of their TDS environment. 

zFlex will run on Windows or Linux based platforms given its core development is JAVA.

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