Chart and Graphing of IBM IDSMonitor Data with zFlex Data Analyzer

zFlex Integrator V3 - IDSMonitor Data Analyzer

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Ever had to collect some performance data for IBM?  And they recommend or point you to a FREE utility/tool called "IDSMonitor" to help with the diagnosis?  The "idsmonitor" is a script that you must kick off on the Tivoli or Security Directory Server and it will gather up monitoring data while your server does its normal day to day business. It pulls in all the performance data of the server and the ibmslapd process along with related DB2 process.  Very valuable data!  But its a lot.  And typically you just send it to IBM for analyzing. 

Well, you can do some QUICK analysis yourself with our new zFlex Integrator V3 feature to read and anaylze this data very easily for you and other administrators.  zFlex's IDSMonitor Analyzer will allow you to upload the output of the idsmonitor run (text file) - or drag and drop onto zFlex....and we take it from there!

Within minutes (depending on how much data you collect - week is recommended) you will get an output like this one below.  Giving you important information in the form of a simple to read chart / graph.  Shows timeline and progression of events from how many connections at various points in time to how much memory is being used.  This is FREE analysis that cost just a download of zFlex Integrator!  Our data analyzer will give you these collected data outputs:

  • LDAP Client Connections
  • Tracking number of System tasks counts
  • Number of LDAP Operations Waiting State per interval
  • Number of Searches completed while monitoring
  • System Memory
  • System Swap
  • System User Swap
  • LDAP Retired Operations
  • Backend Worker Threads
  • DB2 CPU tracking over the monitored period
  • DB2 Memory Usage

QUICK - FAST - SIMPLE!  This is great for helpdesk and newly assigned adminstrators which greatly reduces the learning curve and increases productivity.

Just select the server from the drop down to apply an action to, then goto the Administration Options, and choose Display User information from the left panel.  From there you will be presented with a  screen to allow for searching of any user in the directory server.  Once you get your results, simply select the MEMBERSHIP button option.  You will get a listing (if any groups are found) like this one below:

zFkex IDSMonitor Analyzer:


QUICK - FAST - SIMPLE!  This is great for helpdesk and newly assigned adminstrators which greatly reduces the learning curve and increases productivity.



Recommend trying out our zFlex LDAP Browser to view the OpenLDAP and IBM SDS Directory Tree to find user entries.


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The zFlex Integrator is our flag ship product designed for administrators and analyst whom are responsible for the IBM Tivoli Directory Server (TDS) Product.

zFlex Integrator provide technicians with the all in one tool to do Administration, Monitoring and Management of their TDS environment. 

zFlex will run on Windows or Linux based platforms given its core development is JAVA.

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