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Update Option for zFlex Integrator V3

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The zFlex Integrator V3 software now supplies the AutoUpdate functionality. This feature makes possible to distribute new features and keep the product up-to-date with changes. The Auto Update consists of Update Center and a client within zFlex Integrator. The update process can be manually triggered form the Help menu on the toolbar.  The Update option  (commonly on some web server) offers an set of updates and the AutoUpdate client connects to your server and pull any changes/updates/patches down and allows an user to install them and to also restart the zFlex Integrator application for you.

Update Drop Down Option:

To kick off the Auto Update feature, simple go to the Help menu on the top tool bar.  Then select the option for "Check for Updates".

That will trigger the automation and it will check and if any changes are found it will update your copy of the zFlex Integrator V3 software.  Otherwise, no action will be taken if your software is up to date.

zFlex Integrator Installer Option




zFlex Integrator Installer

* IF NO Updates are found.  We are all good.



However, if there are updates you will see a control panel that looks like the below diagram with what module(s) are being updated.





Recommend trying out our zFlex LDAP Browser to view the OpenLDAP and IBM SDS Directory Tree to find user entries.


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About zFlex Integrator

The zFlex Integrator is our flag ship product designed for administrators and analyst whom are responsible for the IBM Tivoli Directory Server (TDS) Product.

zFlex Integrator provide technicians with the all in one tool to do Administration, Monitoring and Management of their TDS environment. 

zFlex will run on Windows or Linux based platforms given its core development is JAVA.

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