zFlex Integrator for TDS/SDS Monitoring

Simple, Easy to Use Graphical Interface for Directory Server Administration, Management and Realtime Monitoring at your finger-tips.

About zFlex Integrator for TDS/SDS

zFlex Integrator is a simple, easy-to-use Tivoli and Security Directory Server (TDS/SDS) Management, Administration and Monitoring Tool that aids the TDS/SDS Administrators and Help Desk Technicians with their every day tasks. With a centralized and simple GUI, zFlex Integrator software handles a variety of functions such as Bulk Management of User accounts, delegates Role-based access to Help Desk Technicians, and generates an generous list of TDS Reports. This product also offers the power of Realtime Monitoing of TDS and gives a Quick Performance view of the Directory Server's response time and RDBM I/O wait performance.

How Can It AID You?

•Eliminates repetitive, mundane and complex tasks associated with TDS/SDS Management. •Automates routine TDS/SDS Management and Reporting activities for Administrators. •Facilitates Creation, Management and Deletion of TDS Users/Groups. •Provides

TDS/SDS LDAP Administration

Use zFlex Integrator for TDS/SDS administration via the LDAP protocol.  View TDS/SDS user profiles, create new user accounts, delete user accounts (uid),  check user membership (groups/roles), Add/Remove users from Groups, Set Users' Passwords quickly and much more.....

Realtime Monitoring

Monitor in Realtime your Tivoli or Security Directory Server from Easy To Read charts of the Total Client Connections, Total Binds, Operations Rate per inteval, Backend "Worker Threads" and more......

Schema and LDAP System Management

Management of the TDS/SDS (IBM LDAP) can easily be done using zFlex Integrator.  View LDAP Schema Attributes, Objectclasses and Syntax.  Dynamically Add NEW Organizational Units, Add NEW Attributes, Add NEW Objectclasses and Delete old Attributes and Objectclasses and much more....

We Build our products to Make your Job Easier!!

The zFlex Integrator Framework is one of which allows for the greatest flexiablity of most products. Using Java functional modules, zFlex encompass feature rich responsive framework for most any Tivoli or Security Directory Server LDAP commands. It is very easy to administor , manage and monitor your environment using the zFlex Integrator user friendly GUI.

Easily add ldap users to groups, check for user membership with a single click and set/reset passwords from the main screen. This is just a small sampling of what zFlex can do for TDS/SDS.

Donate a Coke for Development!!

The zFlex Integrator product offer many great features for LDAP Browsing, Monitoring and Administration. This is free to download. Please DONATE to our development guys any amount to help them buy a coke! They run on the stuff!!

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About zFlex Integrator

The zFlex Integrator is our flag ship product designed for administrators and analyst whom are responsible for the IBM Tivoli Directory Server (TDS) Product.

zFlex Integrator provide technicians with the all in one tool to do Administration, Monitoring and Management of their TDS environment. 

zFlex will run on Windows or Linux based platforms given its core development is JAVA.